Powder coating

Powder Coating

A powder coat finish is a durable, corrosion-resistant finish which can be applied to steel, aluminum, brass, copper or iron – virtually any type of metal. The process begins with stripping the item to bare metal. This is done to remove old paints, rust, finishes, dirt and grease. Once prepared, the item is then sprayed with a dry powder that resembles baby powder or flour. The powder is sprayed through a gun that electrically charges it. It’s this electrical charge that causes it to stick or “coat” the metal. The item is then baked in an oven, and cured at 400 degrees for 10 minutes. During the baking process, the powder gels and flows into the tightest corners to give it the most durable and brilliant finish available.
Blue Lake Industries LLC can provide a superior powder coat finish that is resistant to rust, cracks, chips, peeling and fading. Powder coating is available in several hundred colors and textures, and can even be done in metallic, Transparent and Hammertone finishes.
At Blue Lake Industries LLC, we have the powder coating equipment it takes to do any size job quickly, and efficiently. With our (3) spray booths, and (2) bake ovens, it allows us to run multiple colors at one time, which greatly reduces our lead time for small color change runs. We have the capacity to handle parts as large as 8’ High 8’ Wide 25’ Long and weighing up to 3,000 lbs. Whether you have a blade for a bulldozer, or thousands of small parts, we can handle your job! Call us today to discuss your project!