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Burn-Off Services

Blue Lake Powder Coating is experienced at providing burn-off services as a safe, affordable alternative to chemical processes. Our burn-off service uses heat to remove grease, paint, powder and grime that is often found on metal parts. The parts are placed in our 5’ ft. x 5 ft. x 10’ oven and slowly heated to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. The oven heats and cools slowly, to avoid warping or stressing the metal parts. When burning is complete, the parts are left only with an ash residue that can be easily blasted off.
- The high heat burn-off process has the ability to clean iron and steel. All materials on the metal are reduced to ash, leaving the iron or steel as new and ready to use. Blue Lake does burn-off work for other powder coaters, paint shops and manufacturers to clean off their paint hooks and racks, or just to provide cleaning for regular maintenance.